Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona, Spain

Since 1970. Our headquarters, logistics center and spice packaging.

Our logistics center has 15,000m2 of warehouse. It is located in Vilassar de Mar, a fishing village in the Mediterranean, 30 kilometers from Barcelona. Barcelona has a large international seaport and is the gateway to Europe, which represents a great logistical advantage for Grupo Dani.

Spice packaging

We import spices in bulk from all corners of the world. Once here, and after having passed the relevant quality controls to be accepted, they are transformed into finished products in their different formats and presentations.

The facilities have the latest technology. With modern high-speed production systems that allow us to make different formats, both for retail and for HORECA: bottles, boats, bags ... with different finishes: grinders, dispensers, zip-lock systems for bags ...

Our packaging rooms have automated processes, from depalletizing with robots to the palletizing of the final product.

Prod. Especias Ulma


Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona, Spain

Headquarters, central warehouse
and packaging of spices / 
10.500 m² / Since 1970.