Cockles Tempura

  • 2 cans of cockles in brine
  • Instant preparation to coat in batter
  • 1 lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Sherry vinegar

Open the cockles can, drain the juice in a glass, reserving it because we are going to use it later. Cut a couple of slices of lemon, remove the skin and cut into triangles that, although small, big enough to be punctured on a toothpick. Put two cockles in the toothpick, a lemon triangle in the middle, and two other pieces of cockles. Do the same with all units of the can. Reserve the brochettes.

In a deep plate put two tablespoons of instant preparation to coat in batter and instead of water, we make the dough with the juice of the cockles can, following the instructions of the package. Before coating them, dip the finger in a bit of sherry vinegar and pass it over the brochettes so that they catch a bit of flavor. Once this is done, we coat them and fry them in plenty of hot oil. Let them drain on absorbent paper and it will be ready to eat.

  • Recipe type
    Entrée / Appetizer
  • Characteristics
  • Total Time
    45 minutes
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