Himalayan pink salt block for cooking 3500g

The pink salt block for cooking is an indispensable element. There is no need to salt the food, as they will acquire the salt point in its fair amount.

It is easy to clean. It includes instructions for use so you can make the most of it.

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Perfect for the barbecue

It can go directly to the fire or you can heat it in the oven. The pink salt griddle distributes heat evenly, withstands extreme temperatures and maintains heat 20/30 minutes.

When cooking in this block of salt, there is no need to salt the food because they will acquire the point of salt in its right amount: for meat, vegetables, fish, seafood, cheese raclette or even chocolate fondue (giving a salty point).

Use it also cold

For sushi or carpaccio, when placed on the salt table, the products are cured and salted.

It is non-stick, better than Teflon or ceramic, making it perfect for handling delicate products.

Salt is antimicrobial and antibacterial. In addition, the iron is very easy to clean, with just a little water.

What are the benefits of pink salt?

Unlike a refined salt, the authentic Himalayan pink salt is a salt that will provide us other minerals that are naturally present. Among others, calcium, potassium, magnesium or iron, which make it have that characteristic pink color. A salt without additives, that like other salts, its use must be balanced.

Recipes of Himalayan pink salt

Meatballs with catalan seasoning mixture

Palm hearts pizza

Spaguetti with garlic and olive oil

Monkfish and cuttlefish meatballs

Marinated Anchovies

Mushroom Risotto