Food service spices

We have a large catalog of formats designed for the Food service. Practical and ergonomic, adapted to the needs of companies.
Title Net weight Format Sort descending
Garlic - Parsley seasoning 150g Garlic - Parsley seasoning 150g 150g 580ML View details
Saffron branch 5g Saffron branch 5g 5g 580ML View details
Ground cinnamon 240g Ground cinnamon 240g 240g 580ML View details
Five peppers seasoning 225g Five peppers 225g 225g 580ML View details
Food colouring 330g Food colouring 330g 280g 580ML View details
Cumin grain 225g Cumin grain 225g 225g 580ML View details
Ground cumin 255g Ground cumin 255g 255g 580ML View details
Ground nutmeg 250g Ground nutmeg 250g 250g 580ML View details
Oregano leaf 65g Oregano leaf 65g 65g 580ML View details
Parsley leaf 65g Parsley leaf 65g 65g 580ML View details
Sweet paprika 250g Sweet paprika 250g 250g 580ML View details
Black pepper grain 290g (580ML Jar) Black pepper grain 290g 290g 580ML View details
Ground black pepper 290g (580ML Jar) Ground black pepper 290g 290g 580ML View details
Vanilla beans (25u.) Vanilla beans (25u.) 25u. 580ML View details
Aniseed 300g (PET 750ML) Aniseed 300g 300g 750ML View details
Ground cinnamon 325g Ground cinnamon 325g 325g 750ML View details
Cinnamon stick 150g Cinnamon stick 150g 150g 750ML View details
Cumin grain 325g Cumin grain 325g 325g 750ML View details
Ground turmeric 425g Ground turmeric 425g 425g 750ML View details
Food colouring 500g Food colouring 500g 500g 750ML View details
Mushrooms mix 70g Mushrooms mix 70g 70g 750ML View details
Mushrooms (Marasmius oreades)  50g Mushrooms (Marasmius oreades) 50g 50g 750ML View details
Smoked sweet paprika 350g Smoked sweet paprika 350g 350g 750ML View details
Sweet paprika 400g Sweet paprika 400g 400g 750ML View details
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