We have a wide catalog of products prepared for export to the US. These products have their labeling prepared according to FDA guidelines.

Baby octopus in olive oil 106g

Baby octopus in olive oil 106g / FDA

Barbecue special seasoning 250g

Special Barbecue seasoning 250g / FDA

Cayenne pepper sea salt seasoning 90g

Cayenne pepper sea salt seasoning 90g / FDA

Chilean mussels "13/18" in spanish sauce 106g

Mussels (13/18) in spanish sauce / FDA

Cockles in brine 111g

Cockles in brine 111g / FDA

Five peppers 180g

Five peppers seasoning 180g / FDA

Five peppers 40g

Five peppers seasoning 40g / FDA

Herbs and wild berries 20g

Herbs and wild berries seasoning 20g / FDA

Himalayan pink salt 100g

Himalayan pink salt seasoning 100g / FDA

Himalayan pink salt 425g

Himalayan pink salt 425g / FDA

Hispania flavor seasoning 45g

Hispania flavor seasoning 45g / FDA

Italy flavor seasoning 50g

Italy flavor seasoning 50g / FDA
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Himalayan pink salt

Himalayan pink salt


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