Yellowfin tuna in olive oil 3x80g

Differences between tuna and yellowfin light tuna

DANI canned light tuna has a "Yellow Fin" guarantee. It is a fatty tuna, with a smooth texture and a high nutritional value, a natural source of OMEGA-3 fatty acids, beneficial for the heart, and high in protein.

DANI manufactures it handcrafted in different formats, preserved in the best olive oil or in a tasty pickle. Thanks to the fact that it is preserved, it maintains all its properties and flavor. In the glass format, the best cuts of tuna are packed manually.

Recipes of Yellowfin tuna

Colored Marinara Salad

Mussels Pate

Pasta with Fine Herbs Salad

Tuna Wrap

Tuna Pie

Homemade Sandwich

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