Fennel seed 225g

What is fennel?

Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is a perennial plant belonging to the umbelliferous family and is native to the Mediterranean region. Its unique flavor is characterized by sweet and aniseed notes, with fresh and herbaceous undertones. Although it is not a significant source of vitamins or nutrients, fennel is valued for its digestive properties and its potential to enhance the flavor of various culinary preparations.

What uses can fennel be given?

Fennel is a culinary treasure that lends itself to multiple uses in the kitchen. Here are some recipes to make the most of it:

  • Fennel and Orange Salad: Mix fennel seeds with orange segments, black olives, and a lemon and olive oil vinaigrette to create a refreshing salad full of flavors.
  • Baked Salmon with Fennel Crust: Cover salmon fillets with a mixture of breadcrumbs, fennel seeds, and lemon zest, and bake them until golden and tender.
  • Fennel Infusion: Prepare a relaxing and digestive infusion with fennel seeds and hot water. Add a touch of honey if you prefer a sweeter flavor.

Fennel is a culinary gem that adds a distinctive and refreshing touch to your dishes. Explore its versatility in the kitchen and enjoy its charming flavor in a variety of sweet and savory preparations. Dare to experiment with fennel and be inspired by its captivating aroma!

Recipes of Fennel

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