Dry red pepper 14g

¿How are ñora and choricero pepper different?

The choricero pepper is an elongated variety, which has a sweet flavor and an acid touch. It owes its name to its use in the elaboration of various pork products (giving color and aroma). It is widely used in northern Spain.

The ñoraora is a round pepper variety, also known as 'bola', which has a sweeter flavor. Its intense aroma is widely used in Catalonia and Levante; dried to make paprika or rehydrating it to add flavor and aroma to various preparations.

Before use, they must be hydrated. To do this, soak the peppers in warm water for at least an hour. Then rinse and drain. We break it leaving the interior exposed, and with a teaspoon we scrape the meat little by little.

Use the meat to enhance the color and flavor of the stews.

Here's an idea! If you do it with a lot of peppers you can store the meat in small jars and cover it with olive oil for preservation.

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